Louise Ramsay

I’m so grateful I came across your website (via YouTube). Sax School is so professional and engaging – and for the beginner, very well laid out. I also really appreciate your warm and encouraging coaching style, something missing in quite a few other websites!

Louise Ramsay, Scotland

Hans Nava Barrefors

I’m very impressed by the structure of your lessons, and how you have created a worldwide community for us. This is a big advantage for newcomers to saxophone. I have myself spent over 30 years teaching adults and I want to compliment you on your excellent courses!

Hans Nava-Barrefors ,Sweden

John Whitt playing his sax

I started sax at 73 and your lessons have already helped me play so much better. I got to play in front of an audience of over 100 people and from the applause I think they enjoyed it! Thanks for your help Nigel!

John Whitt ,Oregon, USA

Take Your Sax to the
Next Level – the Easy Way

The smooth sound of hitting the perfect note. The effortless cool of
playing a solo. The pure thrill of entertaining friends and family (or
captivated audiences). There’s nothing like mastering the sax…

Have you been dreaming of playing your first note for some time?
Dusting off the horn after a few (more like many!) years off? Or been
around the block and ready to become a true entertainer?

Whatever your starting point, you’re in the perfect place to take your sax playing to the next level via the most engaging and interactive way to learn. And do it without shelling out thousands for music academy, costly private lessons or bamboozling YouTube videos.

Play with Confidence

No Matter Your Starting Point

Struggling to get started? Experiencing a bit of performance anxiety? Hit a plateau? We know what it’s like… it can be excruciatingly frustrating. All you want is to play the saxophone like you hear in your favourite songs – or how you imagine in your mind.

From the basics of embouchure, to playing at speed and the pinnacles of altissimo, Sax School teaches you the skills and confidence to be the sax player you want to be.

No heavy textbooks, mind-numbing theory or tedious lesson plans. Just incredibly effective, engaging, ‘play-as-you-watch’ online saxophone lessons that always keep you motivated to learn.

Learn to Improvise

Like the All-Time Greats

Sure, playing sax off sheet music is incredibly satisfying. But improvising and going where the music takes you – that’s the ultimate goal for just about every sax player.

With Sax School, we break down the art of improvisation, teaching you the step-by-step techniques your favourite pros use to improvise at a moment’s notice.

In no time, you can learn to ditch the sheet music and play the saxophone by memory and ear, setting off on an improvised musical journey anytime you pick up the sax.

Play the Songs You Love

& Own the Stage

What’s your jam… Blues, ska, jazz, pop, gospel? Whatever lights up your earbuds, you can learn it with Sax School’s online saxophone lessons.

Choose the tunes you love from a near-endless selection of songs – it’s the music you actually want to play, not what a teacher tells you to play.

Play all-time favourites for yourself, friends and family – or own the stage as part of a pub or community band. Even lay down your own recording. After all, what sax player doesn’t dream of that?

Learn at Your Own Pace in
Your Own Place

With Sax School’s online saxophone lessons, you learn on-demand from your living room, bedroom or garage. All it takes is a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Not just amazingly effective, but convenient too.

The Largest, Most Comprehensive
Online Resource for Learning Saxophone
on The Planet

  • No crowded classrooms.
  • No expensive private sax lessons
  • No lugging your sax across town

600+ step-by-step lessons 60+ easy-to-follow courses incredibly effective & inspiring way to learn…

  • Split Screen Videos so you can learn online saxophone lessons visually.
  • Step-by-step lesson Pathway so you always know what to work on next.
  • Choose what you want to learn, from beginner skills to advanced tactics.
  • Lesson resources including worksheets and backing tracks are included
    right on the lesson page to help you learn.
  • Learn on YOUR schedule with direct support from our reliable, professional saxophone teachers
  • A simple, easy to navigate members area that is accessible
    from any device

Designed for All Playing Abilities,
Enjoyed by All Sax Lovers

Find beginner,  intermediate and advanced online saxophone lessons matched precisely to your skill level and what you want to learn next. Never get bored, stuck or left behind. You’re in control of the speed of your learning – and your starting point.


Don’t for a moment think you’re in this alone

Join thousands of other learners in the supportive
Sax School community

Sax School members from all over the world connect, co-create and learn together in the most vibrant and
supportive saxophone-playing community going around.

“Nigel helped me go from absolute beginner to knowing over 30 tunes, and playing regularly with a band in my area!”

Mindy Weaver ,USA

“Sax School has really increased my enjoyment of learning saxophone and I love being able to work through things at my own pace”

Richard Stubley ,Sydney Australia

“With no teacher near me Sax School completely changed the way I could learn and enjoy playing saxophone. It’s great fun!”

Susanne Pearce ,Sweden / Scotland

“Nigel is a great teacher and my progress on saxophone has been down to the help I have received from Sax School”

Stephen Power ,Ireland

“Through Sax School Nigel has helped me learn saxophone from scratch. I like that I can learn when I want and at my own pace”

Martin Sweeny ,UK

Creating Soloists, Improvisors and Entertainers all
Over the World…

“Nigel is a fantastic teacher and a great communicator. I’m always amazed at the range of resources in Sax School and how I can use them over and over”

Gerry Smith ,UK

Meet Your Instructor

“Nigel is by far the most
engaging educator”

Hi, I’m Nigel.
It’s no exaggeration to say playing the sax is my life.

For the past 25 years, I’ve played saxophone all over the world in symphony orchestras, clubs, theatres, and festivals and in award-winning West End shows.

You might have also heard my sax sounds on top-rating TV shows like “24“ and “Bones“.

Fair to say, I’ve learned a lot about playing saxophone – and teaching it. Now I’m sharing it all with you.

Ready to take your sax playing to the next level?

Nigel McGill

Sax School – Your SECRET WEAPON

And no, it won’t cost you $2,600 every year

Cost Comparison

Education can be expensive. But mistakes and wasted time is far more costly.

  • Music Academy $42,000/Year
  • Private Lessons $2,600/Year

Sax School is
to help you…

We only want you to pay if you actually LOVE using Sax School! So join below to try out our online course and lesson completely risk free. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership within 90 days and contact support for a full refund.


Take the next step in your learning today…

Get free lessons from our ‘watch and learn’ video blog

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Finally take your sax to the next level…

Ready to hit the perfect note every time, improvise like a pro
and play your favourite tunes?