Over 60 Step-by-step Courses To Help You Develop Rock Solid Saxophone Skills

Whether you’re an experienced saxophone player, a seasoned pro or even if you’re just starting out,
you’ll always know exactly what to work on thanks to our extensive course library.

Beginner Courses

Getting Started on Sax

Get playing fast right from your first notes to learning your first cool tunes in this step by step course!

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Starter Songs

This collection of fun songs is a great first challenge for you on your saxophone journey!  

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Quickstart to Reading Music

Don't read music? We'll get you started with this step by step course on the basics.

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Intermediate Courses

The “Moving-On” Course

Ready to push forward into some new material? Check out our Moving On course!

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Introduction to Improvising

Get started learning to improvise fast with our easy to follow step by step lessons!

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Ear Training 101

Want to play a song by ear? This course teaches you the essentials of learning to play without the music!

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Advanced Courses

Advanced Technique

Our advanced technique series of lessons teach you the more complex skills for the saxophone pioneer!

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Jazz Modes 101

Learn all about jazz modes and how to use them in improvising with this step by step set of lessons!

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The ii V I Workout

Develop your approach and selection of ii V I improvising skills and licks with this mini course.

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Not ready to join Sax School just yet? No problem. Check out these great resources to help you.

The Ultimate Saxophone Toolkit

This free bundle of our favourite lessons will get you started fast. Includes lessons for beginners, advanced players and improvisers!

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20 Killer Warm Up Exercises for Saxophone

Find out how your warm up can supercharge every practice session and help you build an amazing tone on your sax.

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The Ultimate Guide To Practicing Saxophone

Stop wasting time in the practice room! This simple book will revolutionise the way you practice so you can make faster progress EVERY session.

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Each year we hold our exclusive Sax School Weekender in Yorkshire England. Students travel from all over the world for 2 days of learning, playing and connecting with world class educators, ensemble sessions and improvising workshops.


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