The Fastest, Easiest and Most Engaging Way to Learn Sax for Beginners

Escape “beginners’ overwhelm” and start playing full tunes on the sax in no time – even if you’re picking up the sax for the first time or struggle to consistently hit a clean note.

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Wanted to learn the sax for longer
than you can remember?

Playing the sax is a passion that burns away inside you, isn’t it? There’s nothing quite like the energy you get feeling the cool, crisp brass in your hands.

And then when you hit that perfect note…

That’s when the musical magic happens. You’ve heard it in your favourite tracks before, right?

It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe and for many, it’s something that’s hard to achieve…

Perhaps you’re just starting out and never placed your mouth on the reed before…

Maybe you’ve hit a few notes, but they don’t always sound like they’re supposed to…

Or it could be that you can hit a clean note, but stringing them together in a song is a whole different story…


Whatever your starting point, if you’re like most
getting started on the sax, you might relate to one
of the following…

  • You want to experience the simple satisfaction
    of hitting your first note while jamming alone
    at home
  • You want to learn how to play your first full tune
    – and then learn all your favourites by heart
  • You want more confidence to play for your
    partner, friends and family
  • You have the BIG goal of owning the stage,
    playing in front of an audience in a pub band,
    community band
    or jam session
  • You want to improvise like the all-time greats
    you’ve listened to for years
  • You want to make your own recording,
    the ULTIMATE dream for nearly every sax player

More than anything… you simply have a desire to be a better saxophone player that just won’t let up.

But, there’s something between you and that dream, isn’t there…?

  • You’ve tried the bamboozling DIY “YouTube method”, doing your best to follow
    along and find something you actually want to learn. But it has only confused
    you more and left you with no idea which video to watch next.
  • You can’t find a quality teacher in your area that you ‘click’ with. Someone who
    teaches you like an adult, not a high schooler – or, worse, there’s no teacher
    within miles of where you live!
  • You’ve paid thousands for private lessons or a music academy but you either
    can’t keep up or the teaching goes at a snail’s pace, leaving you stagnating.
  • You picked up a cheap $10 Udemy course that claims you can go from beginner
    to expert in a couple of hours (who are they kidding?) and the teachers are
    clearly marketers, not professional teachers!
  • You’ve never been “musical” other than maybe a few years of music lessons,
    and you’re not even sure you’d be able to start learning an instrument at this
    stage of your life.

Above all else, you’re struggling to get started because you’re busy,
frustrated about not making much progress, or feel completely
daunted when you see a sheet of music…

By now, it’s clear… you need to choose a different path to make
progress and get to the next level of playing sax.

Welcome to Sax School…
Sax Training that Actually Sticks
(and is designed for ADULTS, not 5th graders)

Imagine learning to play sax with a teacher who has played in bands, festivals and clubs all over the world…

Someone who jams with the best sax players in the world – and introduces you to them like you’re old friends. A teacher that comes straight to your living room at any time of day that you want to learn.

A super organised teacher that teaches in an interactive, non-threatening way that is fun, engaging and incredibly easy to follow.

Even better, a teacher who shows you exactly what you need to learn at just the right moment. And doesn’t charge you tens of thousands of dollars.

What you’ve just imagined? Well, that’s Sax School…

Sax School helps you become the sax player you want to be by…

  • Making it abundantly clear what to work on and practice next, with zero confusion
  • Filling you with confidence to overcome
    performance anxiety,
    kiss goodbye to stage nerves,
    and play in any situation
  • Giving you the skill to play from memory and ear, so
    you don’t have to read music to play
  • Teaching you how to read music quickly like it’s
    your first language
  • Taking all the guesswork and fiddling out of
    embouchure, to get a clean, squeak-free sound
  • Showing you how to hit notes cleanly at speed,
    including reaching the heights of altissimo

Step Inside the Virtual Classroom of…
The Ultimate Online Saxophone School

Over 600 step-by-step, learn-as-you-watch lessons, conveniently organised in over 60,
easy-to-follow courses that make learning more effective, efficient and motivating.

This is no ordinary school. This is the largest, most comprehensive online resource
for learning saxophone on the planet.


Your Expertly-Designed, Frustration-Free Guide to Playing Saxophone for Beginners

Sax School lesson plans are laid out, step-by-step in the clearest detail just for beginners. This easy-to-follow format gives you a clear, structured path to learning, sharpening and advancing your sax-playing skills. For both alto and tenor sax!

Picking up the horn for the first time? There are lessons for that.

Played a few notes but struggling to get a clean sound? Discover how to get your finger positioning and speed just right.

Got the hang of things and ready to finally play tunes? Yep, we’ll show you how!

It’s everything you need to know to go from…
Bedroom beginner to confident soloist – and beyond. How far you take your learning is completely up to you!

Learn Any Skill – Anytime You Need it

That’s right, there’s no twiddling your thumbs waiting for the coursework to get to
the skill you need or wondering where to turn next.

Learn the exact skill you need at any time at the click of a button.

Learning notes and hitting them cleanly

Playing from memory & ear

Finger positions and speed

Remembering scales and how to use them wisely in real life

Reading music & increasing speed of reading

Coordination, speed and timekeeping

Being in tune throughout ranges

Memorizing scales and increasing playing speed

Speeding up your tonguing

Advanced rhythms

Correct embouchure

Playing in altissimo

Breathing tips and techniques

Choosing and adjusting reeds

Using backing tracks

Plus, so much more…

Sax School is for you if you’ve ever wanted to…

Become confident with the sax in your hands like you were a natural-born musician

Ever look at those musicians who look like they were born with a sax in their hands? It’s incredible how easy, effortless and cool they make it look.

Here’s the thing, these laidback naturals started somewhere too, you know. And with Sax School, you can learn to be just like them…

Sax School shows you how to become exceedingly confident with the sax in your hands – in any situation. Jam out at home, play in front of others, and go with the flow of the music and let your instincts take over…

Play the music you love
and actually WANT to play

Learn a near-endless variety of the tunes that you love (and that others want to hear!). You’re never pigeon-holed into a single style or playing boring songs from a dusty back catalogue that drain the excitement of playing the sax.

Whether you’re into jazz, soul, blues, ska, gospel or pop, Sax School teaches you to play the music you have listened to your whole life.

Learn at your own pace
and never fall behind or get stuck

Learning with Sax School is never too fast or too slow because it’s YOU who controls the tempo of learning. It’s entirely self-paced. “Self-select” topics that interest you most, and start, stop or speed up anytime you like.

No once a week lessons, or having to wait, or feeling things are moving too quickly. Even take a break and not lose your place if life gets busy for a little while.

Learn online from your smart device or computer

Get full access to the complete library of lessons from your PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, iPhone, windows devices or Android. All you need is an internet connection to get started and access is 24/7!

You don’t need to be a tech genius. It’s as easy as
opening a web browser – like you did to get to this page!

Why Sax School is different… never lose your motivation or enthusiasm to play

When learning is tedious, theory-heavy and repetitive… it’s easy to quickly lose your motivation for playing sax, no matter how enthusiastic you were when you started.

Here’s the way we look at it. Learning and fun aren’t mutually exclusive. Sax School focuses on learning in a fun, ever-changing and engaging way to keep the buzz alive every time you play.

After watching just one or two videos, you’ll notice the difference… Sax School is personalised, reassuring and enjoyable. You’re not crowded into a classroom.

It’s like learning from a friend…

We really take the time to explain everything step by step. There’s no rush or pressure. It’s a method over 11,369+ students have fallen in love with – and trust.

  • Split Screen Videos so you can learn visually. Step-by-step lesson Pathway so you always know what to work on next.
  • Choose what you want to learn, from beginner skills to advanced tactics.
  • Lesson resources including worksheets and backing tracks are included right on the lesson page to help you learn.
  • Learn on YOUR schedule and have your calls and questions answered anytime you need a little extra guidance.
  • A simple, easy to navigate members area that is accessible from any device

Join a worldwide community of 20,000+ learners in the most engaged and encouraging sax-loving community there is

It’s been proven beyond doubt: you learn faster and more effectively
when surrounded by others on the same path.

Sax School members from all over the world connect, co-create and learn together in
the most vibrant and supportive sax-playing community going around.

Share your passion, make friends, get tips and advice, celebrate your learning milestones,
and get inspired by what others are playing.


Just some of the amazing things that happen in the Sax School community…

  • Connect with others who ‘get it’ and share your passion for playing
  • Join in monthly challenges
  • Make saxophone friends for life
  • Learn alongside other saxophone lovers who are on the journey with you
  • Collaborate, play and record music with people all over the world
  • Join others for open mic nights in a city near you
  • Share videos of your performances (and enjoy the praise)
  • Organise meetups and jam together

You’ve found the one safe place on earth sax players have where you won’t be asked to play quieter by your partner, make the dog start howling or get yelled at by kids for playing too loudly.

She played her first song after a 15-year break

“I haven’t played my sax for about 15 years! Just successfully played my first song. Like riding a bike I guess. Thank you for getting me back into my sax playing.”

Suellen Hughes

Played in front of a 100+ audience after first lesson at age 73

I started playing at 73 and your lessons have already helped me play so much better. I got to play in front of an audience of over 100 people and from the applause I think they enjoyed it!

John Whitt, USA

Like having a tutor available 24/7

It’s bloody brilliant! You literally have a tutor to hand 24/7 and it’s a real mixture of fun and theory!

Cheri Holland

He has 10 songs in his repertoire after starting at 50

I started sax when I turned 50 but was getting discouraged and bored with my weekly lessons. Then I found Sax School and my progress has been unbelievable. I now have about 10 songs that I can actually play and I am loving it.

Georges Nge, Cameroon

Get a Masterclass from Living Legends

Andy Snitzer

touring with Paul Simon

Fred Vigdor

Average White Band – plays the “Pick Up the Pieces” solo

Grace Kelly

Virtuoso saxophone star

Leo P

Bari Sax Legend from Too Many Zooz

Jeff Kashiwa

The Rippingtons, The Sax Pack

Roxy Coss

Award winning New York based jazz player

Plus, more legends dropping by regularly to personally
share their lifetime of experience with you…

Learn to play
live shows

Is there a budding, jazz star, blues
performer or pop idol inside you?
Even though you may just be
starting out, Sax School gives you
a path to live out the dream of
playing in front of an audience of
dozens, hundreds or even
thousands of (adoring) fans – if
that’s something you crave.

Your All-Access Membership Includes:

  • 600+ step-by-step lessons
  • 64+ Courses
  • Instant 24/7 Access
  • Monthly Live Masterclasses
  • Exclusive community access
  • One-on-One support from tutors
  • Guest sessions and on-demand replays
  • Practice challenges for every sax skill
  • Must-have resources, including finger charts, warm ups and breathing techniques
  • Skill and technique training
  • New, fresh content added every week

Experience constantly updated,
unlimited personalised learning that
happens at your own pace.

Sax School is the Complete,
Smart way to Learn Saxophone

…And no, it won’t cost you $2,600+ a year!

Cost Comparison

Education can be expensive. But mistakes and wasted time is far more costly.

  • Music Academy $42,000/Year
  • Private Lessons $2,600/Year

The ‘Best Sax of
Your Life’ Guarantee

When we say we’re dedicated to you
becoming a better sax player, we mean it. And stand by it.

The most important thing to us is that you love your learning experience and make real progress. If for any reason you don’t enjoy Sax School or believe it hasn’t helped you play the sax better, we will refund your money in full anytime within the first 90 days.

Join today completely risk free.


Your total investment after 14 days is $480 $230 a year. *All pricing in US dollars.

(or Start Monthly Membership Today with no Bonuses)

Act today, and Get 3 Free Bonuses
Worth $527*

*Bonuses not included in the monthly plan.


Blues Mastery for Sax

Become an authentic blues player by discovering the
secrets to creating interesting blues solos and mastering
improvisation. Blues Mastery contains more than 10 hours
of tuition divided into 50 video lessons – and it’s yours free!

$233 Value


Horn Section Workout

The Horn Section Workout is a full course of 40+ video
lessons that teaches you to play like you’re part of the
greatest horn sections of all time. Learn the techniques and
riffs to recreate the horn section sounds of legends like Wilson Pickett, Tower of Power and James Brown – and more!

$197 Value


Blues Backing Track

Get access to a huge catalogue of high-definition, blues club standard backing tracks to play along to. Dozens of solo-inducing backing tracks that you can access, download and play along to anytime!

$97 Value

Try it All Free for 2 Weeks
– Pay Nothing Today!


At age 55, he’d never picked up an instrument before in his life…

I’m 55 and never before picked an instrument up in my life… I’m finding the lessons are making me feel that the sax is so rewarding to me every time I pick it up.”

Steven Jones, UK

Better than a University Education

You have created a MAJOR professional school here!! What an amazing resource… This covers it all and would be better than a university education from what i’ve seen.

Pete Castellano

A warm and encouraging coaching style…

I’m so grateful I came across your website (via a YouTube video). It is so professional and engaging – and for the beginner, very well laid out. I also really appreciate your warm and encouraging coaching style, something missing in quite a few other websites!

Louise Ramsay, Scotland

A frontman in a band becomes the sax player…

I’m a frontman in a rock band, over the course of several gigs, fans approached me telling me I should be playing the sax… I started studying with you on your site, I auditioned (and passed) for the Sax part with the band about 60 days after that… Your system of teaching music and has made my Sax playing a possibility.

Ian Barclay, USA

About Your Instructor

“Nigel is by far the most engaging educator”

Hi, I’m Nigel.
It’s no exaggeration to say playing the sax is my life.

For the past 25 years, I’ve been lucky enough to play saxophone all over the world.

As a performer, I’ve played with symphony orchestras and performed thousands of shows in clubs, theatres, and festivals across Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada.

As a music director, I’ve conducted shows for European theatre tours and ran the big band for the award-winning West End show “Rat Pack Live from Las Vegas”.

You may have even heard my playing on top-rating TV shows like “24“ and “Bones“.

Over my 25 years, I’ve learned a lot about playing saxophone, but also about teaching saxophone.

Playing the sax has brought me so much excitement and joy – and given me a career that I truly love. I started Sax School in 2013 as a way to share my knowledge. I could never have imagined that I would have the privilege to teach over 10,000 students!

Ready to take your sax playing to the next level and finally become the sax player you truly want to be?

I’d love you to join us.

Nigel McGill

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm brand new to sax - will this program be OK for me?

Yes! We have an entire “Getting Started” section inside Sax School that will guide you quickly through your first notes, and your first tunes. Plus, there are many “Beginner” level lessons too.

I used to play but it's been a while - will this program help?

Absolutely! Because Sax School is a ‘self-select’ way of learning at your own pace, you can pick up exactly where you left off when you last played or had a lesson.

I can play a few notes, but what I really want is to learn to play full songs - do you teach this?

Definitely! We know playing songs is one of the best feelings on the sax. That’s why core lessons of Sax School teach you how to play full tunes – you even get to choose which ones you learn!

Can I view the lessons offline?

Sax School works best on-line because we are always adding new lessons, however you can download each video lesson to work off-line too!

I don't read music, will these lessons work for me?

Sure. The videos teach you in a visual format so you can learn just by watching and working through each lesson. We do also have a series of lessons to help you learn music too though, and each lesson comes with a music worksheet to download.

I'm stuck at a very particular point with my playing, will I have to go through every lesson to learn what I need?

Not at all! Every sax player gets stuck and hits hurdles at different parts of playing. And Sax School helps you identify your exact roadblocks, then gives you the lesson you need at exactly the right time.

Does the program teach both alto and tenor saxophone?

It sure does! Whether it is alto or tenor sax you want to learn, Sax School has the dedicated lessons you need.

Become a Better Sax Player for just 63c a day!

(Billed annually at $480 $230 per year. Cancel anytime. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee)


Get instant access to all the training the moment you sign up!

P.S. One year from now, what do you want
to be able to do on the saxophone?

Really think about it. Imagine it. Feel it as if it’s happening right now.

Is it to play in a band at your pub or club in front of hundreds of people…?

Play at your church every weekend…?

Play to friends and family, watching them light up with amazement…?

Record your own music…?

Or simply enjoy the personal satisfaction of playing and improvising on your own…?

Whatever your goal, it’s possible day, weeks or months from now. With a simple decision you can make right here, today…

I promise, if you stick to what I teach in Sax School, you can get from where you are right now to where you want to be and finally become the sax player you’ve always
dreamed of being.